No Masks Required

Tired of the continuous flow of media centered on Covid-19, politics, and the ongoing "mask/no mask" debate? Looking to escape and find some joy? Aren't we all!

Well, we have a few options. Many families are taking to their backyards, embarking on local staycations, and exploring their communities outdoors. Enjoying activities they never seemed to have the time to do. For most of us, the outdoor weather is glorious and a great opportunity to spend safe, quality time with our families.

For me and my family, we are enjoying our very early walks and dips in the pool before the sweltering Arizona heat takes over. When the temperatures hit 100+, we find ourselves back indoors. We've cleaned every nook and cranny of the closets, house, and garage. We've exhausted our Netflix, Amazon Prime, and AppleTV options. Even the dogs won't go outside.

So now what? Some of you will grab your Kindle or book and escape to another place. Here's another idea. Jump online in your favorite comfy clothes, a good glass of wine, and explore the enormous amount of creativity coming from artists.

Here are a few places you can start. Dive into the Metropolitan Museum of Art and view their online collections. You can spend hours here! If you're a collector and are looking for affordable fine art, browse the online exhibits from Camelback Gallery at, or check out the new online galleries from The Sonoran Arts League, where you can view and buy directly online. It's OK to allow yourself some time to just enjoy beauty!! Oh, and did I mention, no masks required!

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