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The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly changed our lives forever. New heroes have emerged. Our frontline workers in healthcare, first responders, restaurants, retail, food banks, transportation and many individuals who are sewing masks and volunteering to help those in need are finally getting the appreciation and recognition they deserve. We are forever indebted to their selfless service!

But they aren't the only ones making a difference. As we quarantine and work to keep our sanity, the arts community has come to our rescue. There have been many amazing musicians who have performed for our world from their living rooms and back porches. What a treat it has been to see and hear them without the glam of the fancy spotlights, costumes and makeup. Just real people sharing their heartfelt gifts.

The visual artists are stepping up too! Many notable artists are providing free online lessons, crafting ideas for the kids, and donating the proceeds of their online sales to worthy causes.

All this sparked an idea for me. What if I could bring the artists all together collectively to support a cause? How would I do this? "Creative Connections" was born! It's a simple idea and a simple mission. Bring some JOY to our world by connecting artists with buyers.

With this new mission in mind, Creative Connections has launched two programs.

The first is an Online Fine Art Gallery representing 17 excellent artists across all mediums. The gallery is hosted on my website. I offer this as a free service to my fellow artists and I take nothing from them when they make a sale. It is my hope that visitors to my website will browse and buy the fantastic work in support of the artists during this difficult time.

The second program is in support of The Sonoran Arts League, the local league I belong to. Creative Connections is excited to announce its first ever Fine Art Spring 2020 Online Charitable Auction. The auction will run from May 13th through May 20th and is open to all US fine art artists for free. The call for art is out and also available on my website. The deadline for artist submissions is May 9th. This is going to be truly exciting as I have many fabulous artists, working across all mediums, already submitted. I encourage you to register on the auction website so you can bid on the amazing works offered. Who doesn't like a GREAT deal!!

I hope you will check out the Artist Gallery and join us for the auction and maybe I have inspired you to find ways where you can Make A Difference!

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