Can You Ever Say "Thank You" Too Much?

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting in my church of choice, my backyard patio! When you're connected to God, he doesn't care where you are when you thank him for all the blessings you have been graced with.

I'm reflecting on the last two days in particular, as I just finished a solo art show at my favorite venue, Brix Wines, in Carefree, AZ. Bryan Franks, the owner and my personal friend, generously opened his wine bar to his patrons for me to show my art. Brix is a gathering place where locals come to enjoy each others' company and sip some fine wine. I was blessed to meet so many wonderful new people. I thank each and every one of them who took time to look at all my art and to those who became new collectors!

It's not about the money I make at a show but rather the smiles I get from those who are enjoying my art! So many happy faces the last two days! It fills my soul and re-energizes my desire to keep painting!!

My first big thank you is to my art friends from the Sonoran Arts League. Linda, Beverley, her sister Linda, Laurie and John all came to support me! Finding your art tribe is so important and supporting each other is what it's all about. No competition here!! Thank you tribe!!

If you know this area, you know Carefree is far north of much of Scottsdale and Phoenix. It takes a real effort to get there. In addition to the locals I was surprised by two hometown (Massena, NY) friends, one who lives in Tucson and the other from Goodyear (also a former IBMer from Vermont)! Over an hours drive it took them to get to the show. I couldn't be more appreciative of them coming and buying to support my art journey! We had a chance to catch up and drink a fabulous bottle of Rose! I also got a surprise from my old boss (IBM) and dear friend whom I haven't seen in months. More wine, more laughs and and some old IBM stories between the four of us.

Bonds I made as a child and an IBMer are so strong. Never take for granted those long time friends,

and thankfully with the help of social media we can continue to stay connected. So yes, I'm thanking my friends and I'm thanking Facebook!

But the surprises didn't end daughter's best friend, her fiancé and his family also came! Talk about shocked! It was so great to see her and meet her new family!

I would be remiss if I didn't thank my soon to be "outlaws", Patty and Joe, for not only coming and buying but for helping me cart all my set up materials to and from. Our children will be married in April 2021 and we couldn't be luckier to have such a fantastic friendship as a result of our kids bringing us together! A special thanks to Melissa and Carrick for coming all the way from Chandler!

And last but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to my husband Matt for his enduring support of my art journey and all his help in carting, setting up and taking down.

So much to be thankful for! I hope you'll take a few minutes out of your day and count your blessings and spread some joy!

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