Better Safe Than Sorry

If you're like me you have been watching the unfolding story of the spread, now a pandemic, of COVID-19. This is a scary and unsettling time.

Professional sports and conferences are cancelled everywhere. Workers in some US cities where there are major outbreaks are working from home, schools are closed. I've seen the complete pandemonium behavior of people hoarding basic necessities without regard for others, the overworked store employees trying to keep up with restocking, the posts on social media from people who are completely disregarding the advice of medical professionals to stop social gatherings and the restaurants offering "kids eat free" during a time where everyone should be social distancing.

We have taken for granted the freedom we have and many are now acting totally irresponsibly. But, I know there is hope for sanity somewhere among this chaos. I'm also seeing lots of people offering to deliver food and necessities to our elderly population and those in need, even for their pets! Good people standing in store lines, sharing their bounty. Words of encouragement in FB groups where some are really struggling.

No preaching here, just a small request. Please heed the recommendations of your local government and medical professionals. Practice social distancing, keep your kids home (they can be a carrier with no symptoms), travel only if absolutely necessary and most importantly, follow the CDC recommendations to protect yourself and others,

Take this opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Eat dinner and watch movies together. Get the craft supplies out and be creative. Make all those phone calls to family and friends you have only texted and messaged with. Read a good book. Start your garden. Find joy in the little things and most of all be thankful for your health!

I'm doing my part, staying home and painting. I've cancelled 2 trips I was really looking forward to. I'm also cancelling two upcoming workshops this month that were scheduled at Infinite Finds (Beginning Acrylic Painters Workshops). My calendar will reflect these changes.

I know if we all do our part, we can limit the spread of this terrible virus and life as we now it, will resume. I'm asking each of you to do your part. Better safe than sorry!

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