Each of us hold a special gift for the world. I've always aspired to make a difference. In my corporate job I gave 150% all the time, mentored others, and led by example with high integrity. As an artist, I create to bring joy to others and myself, hoping to shine a light to encourage others to shine. Art is my voice and you are the listener. And, when you speak, I listen and my art speaks back. It's a wonderful circle of life.

Thank you for joining me on my joyful journey.

It really all started for me in high school when I found art. While art was my passion, the practicality of earning a living pushed me in a different direction. Now, after 35 years in corporate America I am finding my passion again.

I am inspired by nature and other amazing artists. I paint daily and love exploring new mediums and subjects. 

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Welcome to My Gallery

Thank you for joining my Joyful Journey. I love bright colors and hope you do too!

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